Author: phoet

Generating PDF from HTML using DocRaptor on Heroku

There comes a time one has to create PDFs for a Rails application. Searching the web will most likely bring you to libraries like “PDF Kit”: and “Wicket PDF”: that use “wkhtmltopdf”: as a driver. If your app is hosted on “Heroku”: you wonder weather wkhtmltopdf is available so that you can use one of […]

Rails, getting started without the hassle

I just changed jobs and am now a Rails developer at “”:, which is an online translation broker. When I started out working on my new desk, I had to setup my iMac development environment. There are tons of articles of “how to compile/install/run stuff like MySQL”:, to get you started on OS X, but […]

DZone API and iPhone app

As “I already mentioned”:, I am currently getting my hands dirty with Objective-C and iPhone application development. The biggest problem with getting started was that I had no idea what application I could write for that device that “could become somewhat usable”: As I am a passionate tech reader, I consume a lot of articles […]

Using the Redis addon on Heroku

I am always “playing around with new addons”: offered by Heroku. My latest discovery was the “Redis addon”: that is provided by “Redistogo”: The addon is probably in private beta (“docs”: are still on beta), but since they put up a link to it on their site, I managed to install it to my “personal […]