Author: phoet

Webflow API bindings

In the beginning of this year, I’ve started into a new direction, exploring unknown territory. Exciting times are lying ahead and I already learned a lot in the past month: In march I joined forces with some amazing people and we founded a company called “Penseo”: Working in such an early phase of a startup […]

Burn-Notice, this message will self-destruct!

I recently put a pet-project of mine “called Burn-Notice”: into public βeta. bq. Burn-Notice: Simple, Secure, Encrypted one-time Information It’s like messages for “Inspector Gadget”:, everything will self-destruct! So if you happen to send sensitive information over the web, you can use this tool to exchange passwords, credit-card numbers, key-codes, voucher-codes etc… After the recipient […]

using domainFACTORY with heroku and SSL

I’m working on a small side project that requires proper SSL configuration. Since I like using “heroku”: to bootstrap my projects, I thought it would also be a great idea to do that in this case… As it turns out, it was quite a hassle to get it up and running the way I want […]

structuring your RSpec project

it is an established convention to put all your rails tests or spec in the test/spec folder. “even jasmine javascript files”: go in spec/javascripts… seriously, wtf? “cucumber features”: on the other hand go in the features folder… so? while i don’t like cucumber (because of the additional complexity that comes with “gherkin”:, i like the […]

monkey-patching Rails

I’ve been working a bit on a rails plugin for debugging html templates that we use at “Shopify”: called “partially_useful”: It’s a very simple helper that adds HTML-comments to the rendered source, so that you can inspect it easily in your browser’s developer toolbar. The comment hints look like this: […] There are way more […]