Author: phoet

Debugging Rails Applications in Development

I’ve been spending a lot of time answering questions on “Stack Overflow”: lately. From what I read, most of the questions come from unexperienced developers. It’s not easy to understand their questions because they often lack code examples, stack-traces or application logs. Because of that I keep repeating a lot of stuff in the comments […]

OMG, Apple rejected my App!

After releasing my first RubyMotion app (“FC St.Pauli chants”:, I’m currently working on “another one”: for “Freifunk Hamburg”: I am using “Testflight”: with a group of 10+ beta testers, to verify that my app is working properly and has no issues whatsoever. h2. The Review Process When I think that an app is close to […]

So Coded – A Web Conference in Hamburg

On “19th & 20th September 2013”: there will be the first “So Coded Conference”: in Hamburg, Germany. I just recently joined the awesome team of organizers and as you can imagine, there is a lot of stuff to do… The conference aims at Ruby, Python, JavaScript, PHP developers and their shared passion for the interwebs. […]

“computering” – a different presentation style

Keynote is nice, but it’s not well suited for technical presentations. Live coding on the other hand is hard and often fails horribly because of some minor typos etc. Some month ago I visited the “Python Usergroup Montreal”: and I saw an awesome live coding session from “Rory Geoghegan”: He was typing incredibly fast and […]

just don’t do it – the art of being lazy

One thing that I find myself doing a lot is skipping a lot of required programming tasks. From what you can find “on the Interwebs”: only a “lazy programmer”: “is a”: “good programmer”:! This does not mean that you should be doing nothing though… it’s all about “getting things done”: instead of getting stuck in […]