Burn-Notice, this message will self-destruct!

I recently put a pet-project of mine “called Burn-Notice”:https://www.burn-notice.me/ into public βeta.

bq. Burn-Notice: Simple, Secure, Encrypted one-time Information

It’s like messages for “Inspector Gadget”:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inspector_Gadget, everything will self-destruct! So if you happen to send sensitive information over the web, you can use this tool to exchange passwords, credit-card numbers, key-codes, voucher-codes etc… After the recipient got the message, the information get’s deleted right away.

All information is stored encrypted on the server and can only be decrypted with knowledge of a passphrase that is entered by the sender. The recipient of a message can only decrypt the message with knowledge of the passphrase – _the shared secret_!

I would love to get feedback from you, please check out “burn-notice.me”:https://www.burn-notice.me/