Webflow API bindings

In the beginning of this year, I’ve started into a new direction, exploring unknown territory. Exciting times are lying ahead and I already learned a lot in the past month:

In march I joined forces with some amazing people and we founded a company called Penseo.

Working in such an early phase of a startup gives me a lot of freedom. There is room for experiments and I can decide myself what I like and want to try out! For sure, there are a lot of things, that need to be done. Luckily, I can try to find the best tool for the job.

One thing that I was investigating right in the beginning were Rails based CMS solutions. To make it short, none of them are amazing…

This is why we went with Webflow (special thx to Paul for the recommendation)!

It’s composed of 3 main elements:

  • The Webflow-Designer, which is kind of a Photoshop for the Web, embracing Web-technologies at it’s core.
  • The Webflow-Editor, a WYSIWYG, inline on site, content manager.
  • The Webflow-CMS itself, where one can define collections and relationships similar to a RDBMS.

On top of that you get a proper RESTful API which is actually really useful!

Since there were no Ruby API bindings, I created a thin wrapper in order to make my life a little easier.

I hope that someone else might find it useful too. I’d also love to get your feedback, or even better, pull-requests!