using domainFACTORY with heroku and SSL

I’m working on a small side project that requires proper SSL configuration. Since I like using “heroku”: to bootstrap my projects, I thought it would also be a great idea to do that in this case… As it turns out, it was quite a hassle to get it up and running the way I want it to be.

When you create a new app on “the cedar stack”: you get “SSL for fee”: The only downside here is that this is only true for the subdomain that hosts your application. If you want to add SSL to “your custom domain”: it get’s a bit hairy.

h2. Custom Domain SSL

Once you have added your domain to heroku and delegated the the “name-server lookup via CNAME”:, you need to “provision a SSL addon”: that costs $20 per month. This is just for the addon, no batteries included! So you also need to buy a SSL-certificate from the authority of your choice.

This setup is unfortunately not working with my “hosting provider domainFACTORY”: as they allow _only_ subdomains to be aliased via CNAME, the root-domain is not configurable. So you can forward but not

h2. CloudFlare to the rescue

The “CDN provider CloudFlare”: has free SSL support when using the “Pro Plan”: that also costs $20. This is a bargain compared to the heroku SSL-plugin as CloudFlare has way more use-cases than just SSL.

Configuring the DNS on domainFACTORY is quite simple. Just go to _Für Profis > Nameserver-Einstellungen_ in your admin setup and remove all the DNS entries. Add the CloudFlare name-server settings to the bottom:


DNS + SSL made simple!