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Using the Redis addon on Heroku

I am always “playing around with new addons”: offered by Heroku. My latest discovery was the “Redis addon”: that is provided by “Redistogo”: The addon is probably in private beta (“docs”: are still on beta), but since they put up a link to it on their site, I managed to install it to my “personal […]

Mongo Ruby Driver, Mongoid and MongoMapper

=================================================================== =================================================================== Update Aug. 2010 On “Whyday”:, I created a live demo of the examples, “that is running on Heroku”: =================================================================== =================================================================== I am constantly looking around for different storage mechanisms on Heroku that can be used for caching 3rd party data. A recent update of their platform offered an MongoDB addon to access the […]

Migrating to Rails 3 for Heroku Bamboo

Recently there were some interesting “updates to the Heroku infrastructure”:, giving the opportunity to migrate “my personal Rails 2 website”: to “Rails 3 (beta)”: Having an app with only a single model “for caching data”:, there is no worry about database migration. A nice opportunity for starting out new: rvm use 1.9.1 gem install rails […]