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Mongo Ruby Driver, Mongoid and MongoMapper

============================================================= ============================================================= Update Aug. 2010 On Whyday, I created a live demo of the examples, that is running on Heroku. =========================================================== =========================================================== I am constantly looking around for different storage mechanisms on Heroku that can be used for caching 3rd party data. A recent update of their platform offered an MongoDB addon to access the […]

ASIN vs ruby-aaws

I recently wrote about using ruby-aaws on Heroku. I used it for creating a virtual bookshelf on my website, so anybody interested in what I read can have a look at the ISBN, price, description and some reviews (in german). Since this is a trivial scenario it covers only a fragment of features that ruby-aaws […]

Distinguish Ruby Runtimes with WhichRuby

Nowadays there are several decent Ruby runtimes available besides MRI ranging from alpha-versions to production-ready status. Using RVM these different interpreters become more and more interchangeable. current problems Since switching between runtimes became as easy rvm use x more care has to be taken to support a wide range of interpreters and versions. This is […]

Writing your own DSL with Ruby

I am a big fan of Ruby. There are so many beautiful libraries out there and most of them are based on some kind of domain specific language. Take builder as an example: Builder::XmlMarkup.new.person { |b| b.name("Jim"); b.phone("555-1234") } #=> <person><name>Jim</name><phone>555-1234</phone></person> Generating XML in this manner is pretty cool! There is no crazy XML editor […]