Savon vs. Handsoap: JRuby

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p. First of all, both client implementations can be run using JRuby. Since Savon is a pure Ruby implementation you get JRuby support for free. The drawback is, that it’s slow on MRI.
Using native C Libraries by default, Handsoap is bleezing fast. But when it comes to terms of compatibility with JRuby you’ve got to fall back to slow core Ruby classes:

Handsoap.http_driver = :net_http
Handsoap.xml_query_driver = :rexml

p. Using this configuration nearly elimininates the differences in performance:

$ rake benchmark_jruby
                                    user     system      total        real
savon jruby dynamic            15.060000   0.000000  15.060000 ( 15.060000)
savon jruby static             10.984000   0.000000  10.984000 ( 10.984000)
handsoap jruby                  8.717000   0.000000   8.717000 (  8.717000)

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