Updating Savon Handsoap Shootout

Since my “initial series of blog posts”:http://blog.nofail.de/tag/savon/ about “Savon”:https://github.com/rubiii/savon and “Handsoap”:https://github.com/troelskn/handsoap a lot has been done on the Savon side.

About a week ago “rubiii”:http://rubiii.com/ has released the “first beta”:http://rubygems.org/gems/savon/versions/0.8.0.beta.1 of “Savon 0.8”:https://github.com/rubiii/savon/tree/eight. A lot of bugfixes, improvement and API changes have been addressed in the latest version. If you want to get used to the new API a good starting point is the “Savon Guide”:http://rubiii.github.com/savon/.

One thing that should be noted right away, is that Savon 0.8 is not downwards compatible. Most code parts have been rewritten and Savon now offers an improved error handling, support for local wsdl documents and more flexibility on request methods. See the “changelog”:http://github.com/rubiii/savon/blob/eight/CHANGELOG.md for more information.

h2. Shootout update

I have updated “the examples used for the shootout”:https://github.com/phoet/savon_handsoap_shootout to reflect the latest changes for Savon 0.8.beta3, Handsoap 1.1.7 and SOAP4R. I restructured the examples, removed dead services and added “Bundler”:http://gembundler.com/ for gem dependencies. The examples run on MRI 1.8.7 and JRuby 1.5.2.

h2. More Savon infrastructure

Some effort has been taken to make the day to day work with Savon even more pleasant. If you are working with RSpec, you can now test using “Savon Spec”:https://github.com/rubiii/savon_spec.

If you are used to work with ActiveRecord models “Savon Model”:https://github.com/rubiii/savon_model will help integrating SOAP into your Rails projects.

SOAP without fail!