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Ruby in Java, Java in Ruby, JRuby or Ruby Java Bridge?

Hosting (J)Rails applications on a high availability Java infrastructure with clusters, loadbalancers and all that shit stuff is great, if you already have it in place. But does running an app on the “JRE”: make it a “JRuby”: application by default? Do you really want to be stuck on JRuby? I really like the idea […]

taming webapp logging with log4j

Logging is an aspect of programming that should follow some simple rules. If I should describe logging for a dictionary it would be something like: “Providing essential information with object introspection at a decent level of output that enables you to look into a running application or providing runtime information for debugging.” But even the […]

Creating a Maven webapp from scratch

Doing a little research for an article about “log4j”: configuration in Java webapps, I decided to use “Maven”: as a sidekick. “I already pointed out earlier”: that my favourite build tool is “buildr”: The reason I chose Maven is that it has “archetypes”: and that there is a deprecated guide for using such an archetype […]