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Ruby in Java, Java in Ruby, JRuby or Ruby Java Bridge?

Hosting (J)Rails applications on a high availability Java infrastructure with clusters, loadbalancers and all that shit stuff is great, if you already have it in place. But does running an app on the “JRE”:http://java.com/de/ make it a “JRuby”:http://jruby.org/ application by default? Do you really want to be stuck on JRuby? I really like the idea […]

Buildr – The build system that doesn’t suck

If you are a Java guy like me, you are probably doing a lot of ugly tasks in your everday work. One of these tasks is build management. The Java community tries to tackle builds with standard tools like “Ant”:http://ant.apache.org/ and “all-in-one” solutions like “Maven”:http://maven.apache.org/. Both are based on huge “XML”:http://xml.iscrapbecause.it/ configuration files that are […]