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Buildr – The build system that doesn’t suck

If you are a Java guy like me, you are probably doing a lot of ugly tasks in your everday work. One of these tasks is build management. The Java community tries to tackle builds with standard tools like “Ant”: and “all-in-one” solutions like “Maven”: Both are based on huge “XML”: configuration files that are […]

(X)Ruby on the Mac

===================================================================== ===================================================================== _Update Aug. 2010_ The “RVM installer”: should be prefered over installation via gem: bash < ruby 1.8.7 (2008-08-11 patchlevel 72) [universal-darwin10.0] # update your OS X Rubygems sudo gem update --system # check Gem version gem -v => 1.3.5 # install RVM as a Gem to the defaut OS X Ruby sudo gem […]

Savon Handsoap Shootout

This documentation is deprecated, please have a look at “”:! p. Looking into “The Ruby Toolbox”: there are currently two popular “SOAP client libraries”: available. In this short article I am going to crunch the candidates “Savon”:, which is currently the most “popular” library, and “Handsoap”: which follows short after. Both are open source projects […]

Savon vs. Handsoap: Calling a service

This documentation is deprecated, please have a look at “”:! p. The two libraries have different approaches on how to get things done. While Handsoap is using an oldschool inheritance style definition: class HandsoapBankCode < Handsoap::Service endpoint :uri => “some_wsdl”, :version => 2 def on_create_document(doc) doc.alias “tns”, “some_namespace” end def on_response_document(doc) doc.add_namespace “ns1”, “some_namespace” end […]