Senior Developer – My Ass!

We were drinking beers recently, when we decided that we needed to do something against this whole _Senior Developer_ bullshit. Every Programmer that has done more than three keystrokes considers himself a _Senior_ these days…

That was when “@rubiii”: and “me”: came up with calling ourselves *Señor Developer* and putting a mustache on our “XING profiles”: Some days later “@defsprite”: toped off our idea by creating “a logo and a website”: for our crazy idea.

Since then we did a batch of handprinted Señor Developer T-Shirts that we sent out all over the world (i.e. New Zealand, Uruguay). Because handprinting and delivering all the stuff is way too time consuming we are now using “a spreadshirt shop”: for this task.

If you like the idea, feel free to follow “@senordeveloper”: on twitter!

6 thoughts on “Senior Developer – My Ass!

  1. Henning

    I like the shirt! I live in the US and don’t want to cough up the shipping fee from Germany. It’s got great potential in the US, too ;) Any chance you’ll make it available on Thanks

  2. phoet Post author

    we need to duplicate all the designs, that’s why we did not already create a .com shop… i will inform you if we do it any time soon.

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