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Moustache Swag

We recently bumped our power to produce more “Señor Developer”: swag. Thx to “@halfbyte”: there is now a button-machine for endless button supply! If you want to get one of our awesome shirts, got to our “Spreadshirt-Shop”: much cialis should i takehow to get a prescription for cialisfluoxetine without prescriptionviagra for men for salewhere […]

Senor Developer Competition at Scottish Ruby Conference

Our “Señor Developer Shirts ™(c)(r)”: are a great success! So far we have delivered around 300 Shirts all over the world, including most European Countries, Russia, US, Uruguay, and New Zealand. We have been to “Railsberry”: and “EuRuKo”: to promote them (while recovering from our hangovers). Even “Aaron Petterson”:!/tenderlove and “Yehuda Katz”:!/wycats wanted one, even […]

Senior Developer – My Ass!

We were drinking beers recently, when we decided that we needed to do something against this whole _Senior Developer_ bullshit. Every Programmer that has done more than three keystrokes considers himself a _Senior_ these days… That was when “@rubiii”: and “me”: came up with calling ourselves *Señor Developer* and putting a mustache on our “XING […]