Moustache Swag

We recently bumped our power to produce more Señor Developer swag. Thx to @halfbyte there is now a button-machine for endless button supply!

Señor Developer Swag

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(or this one from the US).

Senor Developer Competition at Scottish Ruby Conference

Our Señor Developer Shirts ™© are a great success! So far we have delivered around 300 Shirts all over the world, including most European Countries, Russia, US, Uruguay, and New Zealand. We have been to Railsberry and EuRuKo to promote them (while recovering from our hangovers). Even Aaron Petterson and Yehuda Katz wanted one, even though I have not seen them on any Friday-Hug photo…

The next stop of the Señor Developer World Europe Tour will be Edinburgh and the Scottish Ruby Conference!

We want to do a little Señor Developer Competition there. The base idea is to give away free shirts to visitors of the conference with Awesome Moustaches (should be a trademark of Sven Fuchs):

We don’t want everybody to grow a moustache, instead you could also moustachify yourself in different ways: mask yourself with a fake-moustache, create digital moustaches, wear moustache swag, tinker something moustachilitious!

Just surprise us and have fun!

Oldschool Señor Developer Shop
Deluxe Señor Developer Shop
Señor Developer mini Shop for US
Fotos obviously stolen from Railsberry

Senior Developer – My Ass!

We were drinking beers recently, when we decided that we needed to do something against this whole Senior Developer bullshit. Every Programmer that has done more than three keystrokes considers himself a Senior these days…

That was when @rubiii and me came up with calling ourselves Señor Developer and putting a mustache on our XING profiles. Some days later @defsprite toped off our idea by creating a logo and a website for our crazy idea.

Since then we did a batch of handprinted Señor Developer T-Shirts that we sent out all over the world (i.e. New Zealand, Uruguay). Because handprinting and delivering all the stuff is way too time consuming we are now using a spreadshirt shop for this task.

If you like the idea, feel free to follow @senordeveloper on twitter!