Category: Ruby

Pulling strings on Raspberry Pi

I got my “Raspberry PI Starter Kit”: this week. The Kit is very nice, as it comes packaged with everything you need in order to get your PI up and running ASAP. Just plugin the SD-Card, connect Ethernet cable and USB Power supply and your ready to go! h2. Booting Up After the PI has […]

Bringing Usergroups on Ruby

I am one of the “organizers”: of the local “Ruby Usergroup in Hamburg”: for over two years now. We meet on a regular basis, every second wednesday each month. Some times we meet in a bar to grab some beers, some times we have full fledged community events with sponsors and high quality talks. All […]

Karotz + Ruby = Love

I made myself a little present this christmas by putting a “Karotz”: under my christmas tree. This little digital bunny robot is the 3rd generation of a gadget that was once known as “Nabaztag”: Karotz can connect to the internet and you can deploy applications on it. It’s a tiny multitalent, speaks, blinks, turns his […]

Ruby Quirks

Once in a while I come accross some Ruby code where I don’t know why it is doing stuff the way it does… h2. Ternary Operator I am using the Ternary Operator quite a lot, because it keeps the code concise and often times more readable then long if-else statements. One thing that I discovered […]

Improved ASIN documentation

Beeing sick sucks, but on the other hand there is a lot of spare time… So, while sitting on my couch, I created a new resource for documentation of my pet project the “asin gem”:, which you can “find on heroku”: If you have any additions or questions feel free to “fork the project”: or […]