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Heroku Cedar Background Jobs for free!

I’m using Heroku mostly for playing around with latest technology and hosting free apps. Since Heroku “changed their pricing model”: due to the introduction of “the new process model”: some of my apps changed from free to paid, especially those that had some background jobs or nightly crons (I really did not get, why this […]

Migrating an existing App to Heroku Celadon Cedar Stack

It’s currently not possible to do an automated migration from or to the “Heroku Celadon Cedar Stack”: which “started in May”: The only help that you get from Heroku is this: Migrating From Bamboo to Cedar Before migrating to Bamboo, you should make sure your app runs on Ruby 1.9.2. If your app is not […]

AWS cart operations support in ASIN

It has been a little silent in here lately. This is probably due to my new freelance work as a Rails developer at “”: in Hamburg… Nevertheless, I am proud to announce, that, thx to “Rehanift’s fork”:, ASIN now support AWS cart operations: #just require require ‘asin’ # create an ASIN client client = ASIN.client […]

Gem Best Practice

One thing that I like most about Ruby is the ease of contributing to OpenSource. You want to share code? Just create a gem and upload it to “Rubygems”: The problem is, there are a lot of implicit rules that make it hard to do it right in the first place. h2. Enabling Rubygems “Since […]

Updating Savon Handsoap Shootout

Since my “initial series of blog posts”: about “Savon”: and “Handsoap”: a lot has been done on the Savon side. About a week ago “rubiii”: has released the “first beta”: of “Savon 0.8”: A lot of bugfixes, improvement and API changes have been addressed in the latest version. If you want to get used to […]